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Manufacturing and machining of all types of special screws
We are a certified mechanical engineering company specialising in special screws and bolts. You need non-standard fasteners that can’t be bought from stock, and you need them quickly? Then get in touch with us right now!



WAISTED SHANK SCREWS Expansion screws and bolts are used in areas with varying temperatures or with strong alternating loads. Expansion fasteners need to be elastic, dimensionally stable and have an outstanding surface quality in order to keep up to the high stress on the bolt connection.

In boiler construction or in steam turbines operating at high pressures, expansion bolts are used to securely connect closures, covers, pipe connectors, and measuring and control units while keeping them permanently tight.
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Screws with transverse holes have a wire hole or split pin hole to lock the screw in place. We can also manufacture threaded transverse holes. The cross hole thus offers an additional fastening option on the screw.

Especially in agricultural machinery or military vehicles, where strong vibrations are coming from the drive train itself or from operating in rough environments, screws and bolts in all machines and devices will be secured by a wire or split pin. This mechanical locking mechanism prevents accidental release or loss.
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Exactly to our customers’ specifications, we are milling or turning a thin shank or groove onto existing standard screws to ensure that they cannot be lost. We can machine screws of different materials and qualities.

It is usually necessary to remove components or covers during service and maintenance, but if these parts are fitted with captive screws, you will never need to look for the right screw again. The benefits: dismantling and assembly will run smoother and faster, there will be no need for meticulous sorting or tedious reassembly by trial & error, because captive screws will always remain attached to the removable part.

When maintaining wind turbines, it is crucial that bolts inside the turbine cannot fall into the drive unit, as this would lead to delays or even damage with considerable consequential costs. The costs for captive screws, on the other hand, are low and provide increased safety and time savings during dismantling and assembly.
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SHOULDER SCREWS Screws and bolts with trunnions, tips or double threads: shoulder screws are the preferred way of locking or fixing components and secure them from sliding.

We have manufactured custom shoulder screws for a plant constructor that he uses to mount partially movable enclosures. The trunnions are guiding the movable part of the enclosure. We have also drilled a hole with an internal thread into the shoulder in order to be able to add a smaller screw with a washer that prevents the removable lid from slipping off the shoulder screw.
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We are manufacturing special screws from scratch from solid or bar materials in different profiles – that is, we are not content with just reworking standard screws to special requirements. We will be pleased to advise you on the selection of materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminium), the suitable surface and the right screw drive for your use case (slotted or hexagon head). Special screws from our end-to-end production are the first choice when standard parts are simply not enough.

For our customer, we have manufactured a double screw in the desired length so he could attach a special mount for a navigation system to the handlebars of his motorcycle. We tailor-made the handlebar side with an inch thread and the opposite side with a metric thread. This was an individual part especially made according to customer requirements.
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The thread length of standard screws is specified by international standards. However, there are applications where the standard thread length will not fit. For this purpose, we manufacture screws and bolts where the screw’s thread length or the unthreaded bolt shank is determined individually by the customer.

For a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, we have manufactured special cap screws with a shaft and a custom thread length. The aim was to securely mount various movable plates in the area of the screw shaft. The screw-in depth was limited, however, so the screw needed to have a shortened thread length. For the lubrication of the movable plates, we also machined a deep lubrication hole (15xD) along with a surface on the shaft that will serve as a grease reservoir with transverse holes.
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Mit Sonderschrauben mehr Freiheit fuer Eigenentwicklungen

What makes a screw a special screw?

That is a matter of definition: As soon as we machine it, a standard part becomes a special screw.

What is a special screw, then? As a specialist for special screws of all kinds, we can give a pragmatic answer to the question of a fitting definition: Every screw that you cannot simply order from your dealer as a standard part is a special screw.

Small series of special screws for machine builders

We can also manufacture special screws in small batches.

An example from mechanical engineering:
During the repair or maintenance of machines and systems, it must be impossible to remove any protective devices without tools or to lose any assembly materials (as stipulated by the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC). Thin shank screws are particularly well suited to solve this challenge.

Special screws: just what you need

Meeting precise specifications: two examples

Our focus on “special screws” has evolved from individual use cases. Here are two particularly impressive examples of how we can turn your precise specifications for the desired function of the required special screw into a working solution.


Special screws in short production runs up to single pieces.
Your desired special screw is not available anywhere? From Giso Meier, it is!

A Harley-Davidson is a real eye-catcher – a special screw for such a machine needs to meet aesthetic and functional requirements, without any compromise. Our customer wanted an elegant way of attaching a saddlebag of his own design to the fender mount of his Harley-Davidson.

We designed a stylish solution: a double-threaded screw with two different inch threads that is as striking as it is rare, making his wish come true. Our customer commented: “This screw is awesome!” And we tend to agree.

Accurate and precise:
special screws for world champions

Designed, manufactured and delivered on schedule: With clicker screws from Giso Meier, two archers of Germany’s national team became vice world champions at the mixed world championship in Mexico.

In collaboration with shooting equipment manufacturer TEC-HRO, we have developed precision clicker screws for their MicroClicker. These special screws are used in archery not only by competitive athletes, but also by sport shooters in clubs to adjust the target.

Special material requirements: The special screws had to be both light and strong, so we decided to use aircraft aluminium, which was anodised in black for decorative purposes.

Sonderschrauben - Genau was Sie brauchen

From samples to pre-series to serial production
We are looking forward to your test order


Usually, we will manufacture a small quantity of about 10 pieces as a pre-series run before the actual production run. This allows our customers to check and approve the parts before we produce the desired series of a few hundred up to 10,000 pieces.


For thin shank screws, we offer our customers to place a test orderof, for example, 200 pieces, before they decide to place their series order of several thousand screws. We also manufacture small serie, samples and pre-series exactly according to your requirements.

For your first test order, you can use our contact form where you can also attach a drawing and tell us the specific requirements for YOUR special screw.


A sign of confidence from our regular customers: “No need for a pilot production.”

Our returning customers know that they can rely on special screws made by Giso Meier – they do no longer consider prototypes or pre-series necessary and simply send us their drawings with a series order.

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Company history

Our company history since 1958: Read more about how we evolved towards fully automated machining processes.
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We understand you

We support you in the layout, design and simplification of your parts so that you can work even more efficiently.
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Quality assurance

We are not only certified; we are proud of long-standing business relationships that go back to our founding days.
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Timely delivery

Located in the middle of Europe: customers benefit from our central location that allows us to deliver quickly and on time.

More than just special screws: CNC turning and milling as well as mechanical finishing on commission

Benefit from our many years of experience in the field of CNC turning and milling.

We are also your partner of choice for the strong>mechanical finishing in wage labour of forged, cast and cold-formed parts such as clamping yokes, cable end clamps, eyelets and hooks. For six decades, our customers in the automotive industry have relied on our expertise in this field.